Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Lots to update!!

so me and melis babysat on sunday, it was aweomse we had a blast with the kids. although we were very tired afterwards! haha those kids are a work out, but soooo cute! We played about 1000000 different games and then had lunch then naptime then 1000 more games then dinner then.. yep you guessed it more games!! =) I have lotssss more pics if you want them ill email them =)

so rob bought me tickets to the celtics game for our one year ann. =) and we went to fire and ice in boston then to the game. it was an amazing day/night. i love youuu!!! <3 andddd for my present he BOUGHT ME PATRIOTS TICKETS!!!! you have NO IDEA how pumped i am to go!!!! i cant wait at alll !!! its gunna be coldddd but im super pumped!


Karen O said...

those boys are toooooooooo cute!!

Coastie Family said...

Those are some cute kids :) Yes send me pictures, please. lashellemolnar@gmail.com

And have fun at the Pats game. When are you going?

AmandaSue said...

dec 21st!!!!! =) ill send the pics when im out of work tonight

Karen O said...

its almost Christmas!!! :) :) :)