Tuesday, December 16, 2008

8 days!

so everyone, good news only 8 more days till christmass <3 woo hoo
rob and i are getting a puppy from his parents yay! i cant waittt they are so cute!

ice storm = sucked. i dont even want to go there...

on a better note PATRIOTS sundayyyy! yeaaaa im super pumped! and i just found out Kaley has tickets to so we are all going up there together and tailgatingggg im sooo excited!

i have 3 finals left in school.. eck.. two of which im going to TRY and finish tomorrow (ones mandatory, ones a take home) lol.. i wanna be done with school.. forever!! funny that i say that because i want to be a teacher, so ill be at school ALL THE TIME, but that will be different ill be teaching little kiddies =)

that is if i pass my damn MTELS... which reminds me.. last day to re-sign up again is friday... =( goodbye $100......

anddd im going christmas shopping with pa dukes thursday! yay!

ANd britney spears concert in.. 3 months? haha im pumped

its 10:30.. im super bored and robs sleeping already so im watching are you smarter than a 5th grader! haha i love this show, although i dont know half the answers.. and yet i will be teaching these questions? oh boy. haha


allys home <3 if it doesnt snow out to bad im going out shopping with her tomorrow, finish up my christmas shopping, woohoo, remember... 8 days!!!!


Karen O said...

When do you find out if you passed? Is it before the deadline to resign up?? Let me know ok?
I am so excited for you to go see the PATRIOTS!!! I'm washing the sweatshirt and I'll bring it to work Sat.

Love you my brown eye'd girl :)

AmandaSue said...

heyy i find out the 29th... so no i have to sign up agian by the 19th

ANDD I CANT WAIT FOR THE PATS either! too bad its gunna be during a snow storm!!!