Friday, November 28, 2008

soooo tired..

ughhh so i was up at... 330 AM this morning.. HELLO GRUMPY CUSTOMERS!!! =) had to work at 430... i mean come on people. its black friday, theres going to be lines. so stop complaining and get over it. you know what your getting into before you do.

im venting again. haha buttttt i got 23 credit apps today! WOOO HOOO

so the rest of the day ive been sleeping, way tired. you customers are crazyyyy

work, again tomorrow morning... andd

babysitting sunday =) im super excited to see everyone and spend the day with the boys!

thansgiving was amazing. went to my aunts for dinner #1 then robs for dinner #2. im still full lol i have pictures but not uploaded yet.. BUT i do have this picture... thats i put at the top TAKE THAT BEN!!!! =)
going to watch survivor... =)


Karen O said...

I don't know how you get them scores!!!!!!!! I cant get better then 42000 I just don't understand??!!
I'm so glad that You and Rob came to Karen's for dinner :)
Love you 2 much :)

Coastie Family said...

Yeah for babysitting. the boys are super excited to see you ladies. (well Noah, Bryce doesnt really understand)

My cable went out, who got voted off Survior?

Im glad you had a great thanksgiving. And I was at Sears early :)

Karen O said...

I like the new background!! :)

love you