Tuesday, November 25, 2008


So todays my last day of classes until thanksgiving break! wooohoo! so i have to leave soon and get them over with!

Tonight we are going to my mums house for dinnerrr =) and to make our gingerbread house!! im super excited because we havent done that in a very long time! So hopefully Rob gets out of his class early and we can head out there early. Very busy week ahead for me, but thats OK. I get to work the morning after thanksgiving at 430am. YAY! haha i love black friday. My boss was suprised when i told her that i actually WANT to work that early! Its the busyest day ever and i love it busy, plussss i get out at 1, so i have the rest of the day =)

I need to sign up for my MTEL reading test again... ugh... I toook the writing on saturday.. lets all pray i actually passed this time... but even if i did i have to schedule the reading test again. Idk whats wrong with me and why i cant pass this... I HATE TESTS!!!!!!! gr. sorry had to vent a little. This test is VERY stressful and VERY $$ consuming.. (thanks mum and dad i love you)
haha ok im done venting now.

time for class <3


Karen O said...

you will passI have faith in you :)
love you, we are going shopping today!! YAY

Karen O said...

good job! I knew it would be easy for you
I like the new blog :)

how come I have to type in letters everytime I comment you????

AmandaSue said...

ummm idk i always have to type in letters when i comment on yours too