Tuesday, January 27, 2009

snow tomorrow!!

look at how cute chayce and jake are!

SOOO it seems like we are getting more snow tomorrow! not so thrilled about that but i am thrilled about possibly no school?! haha =) that would be great i wanna catch up on my scrapbook, i have alot to do! and i can always do some hw of course.
good news. we will be hearing about our house soon.. and looking at a closing mid feb?!! lets all hope. i wantt outtt of my crappy apt now. so hopefully that will work out soon
andd a wicked cool thing, up at wachusett mt they are doing a skiathon and its from 10pm till 7 am the mt is open to and you skii and snowboard all night and try to raise money for children. =) how cool is that?! you can have people donate a flat rate or how many runs you do. super cool. i odnt snowboard but allys doing it with rob and my brother. im super excited and ill def be there cheering them on =)
*lets hope we get a ton of snow tonight*

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